All my drawings are in wax-crayon and coloured pencils on paper and cardboard in A3 and A4 format, a choice that allows me to express myself with speed and impulse while maintaining control over the formal order of the work and its geometry.

The borders and edges and in the bonds are a reflection of the emotional and affective relationships in reality.

Inspiration comes from everything: bodies, faces, music, a pair of mismatched socks, lovers, imaginary men or faces seen in the underground, but above all from objects. Objects have a soul and that is what I try to represent; just as the human body is an object, can act or be acted upon as simple things.

The subjects painted but, they are also archetypes and as such are naked, I like the spirituality of nudity more than the sensuality. The nude body is spiritual: naked totems, Greek statues, deities, the index of Christ on the cross.